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Noticias y Eventos


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2016, NUEVO record mundial de carga applicada a una pantalla (barrette), mobilizando 363MN.

2016, Record Europeo de ensayo de un pilote be barrena continua de 16MN.

2015, Primer ensayo de carga de un un pilote de barrena continua en el Reino Unido. (Project datasheet)

DEC 2014 Fugro Loadtest Limited and other Fugro Geotechnical companies in the UK are amalgamated into Fugro Geoservices Limited.

2013, Loadtest again succeed in applying more than 300MN at the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project. The rock socket was 12m (40 feet) deep and the diameter 2.28m (90"). A new World Record load was achieved 322MN. The rock was far from being fully mobilised so the actual pile capacity would have been significantly higher. Again illustrating the advantage of design optimisation from actual static load test results. (Project Datasheet)


2010 LOADTEST Announces 320.9  MN (72,100 kips) Static Load Test of Single Foundation Caisson

A New World Record static load test of a single foundation caisson on the I-70 (Interstate 70) project over the Mississippi River. The test using Loadtest’s patented Osterberg Cell® method produced a loading of 321 MN (72,100 kips) on the 3.35 m (132-inch) diameter pile. It exceeded our previous World Record, established in 2005 in South Korea on the Incheon 2nd link project, by 42 MN (9,440 kips). The New Mississippi River Bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois will provide the first new link in over 40 years between the two states. Mr. Jack Hayes, P.E. D.I.C., President of Loadtest, remarked, “This is a phenomenal achievement for the foundation construction industry and is a tribute to the foresight of the Joint Venture Massman–Traylor–Alberici that a test of this magnitude was even attempted.”

The New Mississippi River Bridge project will re-route I-70 (Interstate 70) away from the existing crossing at the Poplar Street Bridge which presently carries three Interstate routes, I-70, I-55 and I-64. The new Mississippi River Bridge will be a 1,500 foot cable-stayed bridge with two traffic lanes in each direction, but will be constructed to allow for three lanes should traffic volumes warrant.

An increasing number of structural design firms are recognizing the reliability and value of using Fugro LOADTEST and its patented Osterberg Cell® method to test to previously unimaginable ultimate loads. Applying these tremendous loads helps to reduce the factor of uncertainty faced by many engineers when designing such robust foundations. The ability to determine ultimate capacities of these foundation elements also allows engineers to use more sophisticated design and analytical techniques. (Project Datasheet)

From Liberia to Loadtest

Jack Hayes is published in Deep Foundations magazine. Read the full article.






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